MEAN TO YOU?

  • Lisa Freidinger
  • Mike Reeves
  • Lynne Powell-Burr
  • Rabbi Roderick Young
  • Gaby Morris
  • Rabbi Zvi Solomons

Having found out at age 13 that my maternal grandmother was Jewish (but "married out"), I then started tracing my roots - and haven´t looked back! Jewishness means Shabbos, shul, emunah and bitachon, trusting in Hashem - and just being me!

Lisa Freidinger

I am Michael, of Romford, London, raised as a gentile, of the family HaCohen who came here from central Europe. Being Jewish for me means following my father Yisra'el in his struggle with his creator, knowing that my combatant is overflowing with love tow.

Mike Reeves

I always felt I was Jewish but wasn't sure then I did my genealogy. Yes we were Jewish but had dropped the following for survival.I told my daughter who I had named Rachel. She was as delighted as me. Now we both feel complete. We know who we are.

Lynne Powell-Burr

Because my mother became a Christian and hid her Jewishness, being Jewish means fear, secrecy and lies. Because at 23 I discovered her secret, being Jewish means the sudden unfolding of an ancient golden heritage, family, prayer, Brick Lane, Jerusalem sun.

Rabbi Roderick Young

Spending an inordinate amount of time explaining why, where, when, with whom and why not.

Gaby Morris

Being Jewish means you meet someone you've never seen before on the other side of the world and they turn out to be family.

Rabbi Zvi Solomons

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